EigoMANGA’s A Mailing List Gone Terribly Wrong

320_2215568eigoMANGA, publisher of titles such as Rumble Pak and Sakura Pakk appears to be in a little bit of trouble. Scheduled books disappearing, a website falling down and currently existing in some kind of semi-limbo state. And now its mailing list jerking into some kind of spasmodic life.

While there haven’t been any books published in a while, and parts of the website seems to be dead, this weekend saw comeone change the company’s Netfix account password. How do I know this? Because the acknowlegement email sent back to the company email address was then forwarded to everyone on eidosMANGA’s  mailing list. And then all the people’s out-of-office replies kicked in and they were also sent back to everyone on the list.

From accountants to journalists, publishers to freelancers to people who had just asked about a comic a while ago, everyone got around 90 e-mails a time.

I would ask eigoMANGA what is up. But if I did so, I’d be asking hundreds of other people as well…

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