The Last Look At Cerebus TV Before The Big Day…

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With less than a week to go till Dave Sim’s online TV station Cerebus TV goes live, Sim gets in touch to let us know how it’s coming together;

Things are moving a few days behind on the technical side, but everyone seems pretty confident that it will all be done in time. I did the first twenty two-minute segments with Jim Steranko about Jack Kirby — including working over Jack Kirby’s layouts on Strange Tales #151, #152, #153 — as part of the first Dialogue On Comic Art. That won’t be on the first show next week, but it should be really soon.

It’s been a real crash course all the way around in how to and how not to to do TV but I hope everyone who tunes in next week will enjoy our first attempt.

As always, I appreciate you giving me all this space on Bleeding Cool every week.

Hope you enjoy the show!


Odds are good Dave, odds are good. Expect first reactions to Cerebus TV this time next week.

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