Big Apple Con – Taking A Few Snaps

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Well, the bottomless-in-a-far-too-mini-kilt Suicide Girl was keen to take an interest in the Shamus’ brother new online venture GeekChicDaily. And who can blame her. It must not be allowed to stand of course, Bleeding Cool must rouse its Chinese readers to point a DNS attack on the new website at the first opportunity.

There are lots of people here, but there’s none of the San Diego oppression. At least not yet. When Shatner arrives that might change.

I’m getting a variety of party invites everywhere. The Royal Flush Sixth Issue Launch party at Crash Mansion may be a popular one, especially around the indie crowd, and Wizard will be doing their big bashes as usual, with Marvel and DC crowds welcoming the freelancers at the usual bars. Me, I expect to be flitting between them like some social butterfly but actually driven by the need to be at everything. I will fail.

Just been playing the new Super Mario Bros on the Wii, and yes, it seems to work rather well. Some nice little twists for motion control, especially the flying man sequences right out of Mario Galaxy.

I’ve been reading Liberty Comics #2 out this week and damn. Kick Ass, a Neil Gaiman-Jim Lee story, Ben Templesmith/Ben McCool Choker, Paul Grist, Brian Wood, Paul Pope, Mike Allred, Chyanna Clugston-Florres, new Gibbons Martha Washington – if I do a piece on Speculator Corner on charity comics, this will be up there.

I have an N96 with a smashed screen. I have a wonderful 8mps N86 that won’t talk to this laptop. I have a digital camera with old batteries and no new ones to replace it. Oh and a fully functioning American phone with no camera. And a laptop that’s won’t upload properly. Wonderful. Anyway. Here’s how Big Apple is looking, with and without carpet.

"How low by Sunday?"
"Bleeding Cool's Josh Adams! Where's your column, Josh!"
"The blurry twelve year old Gareb Shamus looking pleased with his show"
"Apparently Jim Lee can draw! Who knew?"
"Shocker Toys! They exist!"
"We have no carpet! For we are blue collar comics publishers!"
"Itsa me! Geekio!"
"We have both kinds of comics. Kick Ass AND Wolverine"
"Carpet? Where we're going, we don't need carpet!"
The universally adored Ben McCool, and Charles Brownstein getting ideas
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