The Latest Comic Creating Celebrity – Michael Jackson

jacksonComing out of the Frankfurt Book Fair, I’m told that the people behind the now-closed Virgin Comics are continuing with one of their many projects, and possibly the one with the potential to be the biggest selling comic book in the world next year.

A new graphic novel written by the late King Of Pop, Michael Jackson.

With irony turned up to eleven, “Fated” is written by Michael Jackson and Virgin’s Gotham Chopra, with art by Mukesh Singh. The graphic novel tells the story of Gabriel Star, a successful-but-isolated pop music performer who survives a suicide jump only to see his popularity rise even further, and he starts to change – becoming something literally supernatural.

Jackson finished his work on the book earlier in the year, and Mukesh has been drawing the book in complete secrecy for months now.

Random House’s Villard publisher is expected to release the finished graphic novel in June.

Mukesh Singh draws Witchblade for Virgin Comics...
Mukesh Singh draws Witchblade for Virgin Comics...

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