One Last Avatar Plug: Chronicles Of Wormwood: The Last Battle #1 by Garth Ennis and Oscar Jiminez

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worm1Avatar are on a roll this week. Crossed, Absolution and now Wormwood. The story of the Anti-Christ who doesn’t want to bring down the Apocalypse on our heads and his best drinking mate, Jesus, who isn’t quite up for a Second Coming. And so our friends pass the time, with Wormwood (and yes, I think of the Screwtape Letters every time), his pet sentient rabbit who’s into furry porn, Joan of Arc and trying to have a normal relationship while running one of the world’s biggest media companies.

And naturally the powers that be won’t let this be.
Funny, silly, gorgeously drawn by new artist on the book Oscar Jiminez who draws a rabbit on the vinegar strokes with such detail, this really seems to be Garth Ennis’ way of continuing Preacher
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