Sunday Morning – A Tale of Three Twitties

Long Beach, Mid Ohio and Birmingham. What’s the word coming out of them?

Long Beach – Rob Liefeld: I am having the most awesome Birthday! My wife surprised me at the comic convention, my youngest son spent the day at the show with me!
Mid Ohio – MovementMag: Why, yes, I do believe that is James Kyson Lee (Ando from Heroes) sitting right beside me having lunch. Maybe I’ll stick around…
Birmingham – Andy Diggle: Can’t spend all day in the pub, so I’m off to see THE SURROGATES. And then the pub.

Long Beach – Jim Lee: An arm decked out in Jim Lee art!
Mid Ohio – Thomas Zahler: Anyone at Mid-Ohio-Con have any ink?I seem to have left mine at home. Alternately, anyone passing near a Michael’s wanna get me a bottle?
Birmingham – OddballUK: Howard Chaykin is singing whilst sketching at BICS

Long Beach – Tom Pinchuk: That tremor you felt at 2:45 PM today? Aftershocks of the bomb I dropped on the unsuspecting Long Beach Con audience at the Archaia Panel
Mid Ohio – Mid Ohio Con: Special media guest Ray Park missed his overnight flight from Los Angeles because his filming on Heroes ran much later than expected. Ugh.
Birmingham – Lady McScamp: Geek syndicate were amazing as usual, alan davis was a bit of a downer though

Long Beach – Franciz Reyez: Jeph Loeb just ignored me!
Mid Ohio – Todd Nauck: Not sure which is worse… Holding my wife’s purse for her. OR holding her copy of Oprah magazine.
Birmingham – Raymond Deveyra: Comics’ or ‘sequential art’ is the medium, not the form. Alan Moore calls his GNs ‘big comics’.” — Bryan Talbot

Long Beach – Mike Knight: Spent the day with comic book God Stan Lee at the Long Beach Comic Con. Good times!
Mid Ohio – Michael Watson: Mid Ohio Con was awesome Freestyle Komics reigned supreme
Birmingham – Raggedyman: drinking with Tony Lee as he pokes everyones breasts

Long Beach – Gabril Neeb: Thing about LBCC… The place isn’t trashed with garbage handouts by day’s end.
Mid Ohio – Maggie Thompson: Len Wein says he’ll soon announce a project that is one of the best things he’s ever written. Hot diggety!
Birmingham – Geek Syndicate: ok it’s true drinking until 4am really not good for your health but goddamm it was fun

Long Beach – David Gallaher – Only 3 copies of High Moon left at LBCC!
Mid Ohio – Charles Skaggs – Amy Winehouse arrives at Mid-Ohio-Con cleverly disguised as the Sally Jupiter Silk Spectre
Birmingham – Elenore Presley: At the BICS hanging out with David Lloyd. He’s so charming.

Long Beach – Anthony Man: At an Irish pub across the street from lbcc drinking beers with Seth Green. Haha awesome
Mid Ohio – Jessica Wiedle: having sushi with David Mack, I am having a wonderful time. :) he is such a great guy.
Birmingham – Paul Cornell: Stayed out talking comics: great. But missed Andy Diggle in other pub. Next year: official pub sort out please

Gerard Jones, author of Men of Tomorrow: Geeks, Gangsters, and the Birth of the Comic Book and comics such as Justice League, Green Lantern and Prime, has had his Facebook account hacked. Which is why his friends were messaged from his account claiming he was stranded in London and in need of money.

Bleeding Cool would like to reassure people that is safe at home and as financially secure as he’s ever been…

DC have confirmed the Dan And Tan Bleeding Cool story naming the monthly title that Dan DiDio and Philip Tan will work together on as The Outsiders.

Right, I’m going to try and get on a hot air balloon… wish me luck.

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