EXCLUSIVE: Amanda Conner First Woman To Make Wizard’s Top Ten Hot Artists List

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amandaIt was Power Girl that did it. But what’s wrong with that?

Amanda Conner has been working in the comics industry for an age. I first read her work in the Claypool title Soulsearchers And Company, written by Peter David, and have enjoyed her work in Vampirella, Excalibur, Two Step, Birds Of Prey and a number of titles in collaboration with her husband Jimmy Palmiotti, from Painkiller Jane to The Pro to the recent Power Girl series from DC Comics.

She has developed a cartoonish style but one that’s firmly based in a strong understanding of weight, physical prescence, the movement of objects and flesh, and panel-to-panel storytelling comparable to Frank Cho and Jeff Smith.

Wizard Magazine, the Entertainment Weekly of comics has been running its Top Ten Hot Artists and Top Ten Hot Writers List since the magazine started, reflecting the whims of the market, the readers, the retailers and the publishers over who is and is not in demand. It’s a cruel, harsh unforgiving column but its hard to deny to reflects a certain majority taste in comics. And while some women have broken into the Top Ten Hot Writers list, no female comics artist has been deemed “hot” enough to warrant inclusion in the Top Ten Hot Artists, despite many finding success, especially in the manga market. But, apparently, manga doesn’t count. And so the Wizard Top Ten Hot Artists List has remained an all-male preserve.

This week, that all changes, as Amanda Conner joins the list in this Wednesday’s edition of Wizard Magazine. Her work on Power Girl, while just as excellent as her other recent work, has nevertheless found new eyeballs, and that’s what matters to The List.

Congratulations, Amanda!

Bleeding Cool ran a review of Amanda’s most recent issue of Power Girl here.

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