Review: The Darkness/Pitt #2 by Paul Jenkins and Dale Keown

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Where The Pitt worked best was in the contrast between it’s two protagonists, the cheeky psychic Timmy and his half brother the hulking humourless Pitt. Where the The Darkness/Pitt works is by turning Timmy into the peanut gallery and let the contrast increase between the dour Pitt and the cocky Ennis-created-and-still enthused Jackie Estrada who just can’t take this chain-laden beast seriously, even when eviscerated bodies are raining down.

This series has been three years in the making and Keown’s artwork looks as painstaking as ever, A Jim Lee stylistic approach married to a Phil Winsdale attention to detail and layering of levels. It is quite easy to forget the story and spend fifteen minutes just staring at the hair on a character, marvelling at his individual strand crosses another strand. The style only really causes problems in the blood spatter scenes and, yes, they are a lot. Keown’s intricate style depicts blood as some kind of plastic netting.

But there’s a hell of a lot of character conflict, cracking dialogue with some note=perfect channelling of Ennis by Paul Jenkins here, as well as a totally convincing awe-inspired young child prodigy in Timmy, generally finding it all hilarious and inconsequential, new-media-age child that he is. Even when this kind of thing happens.


The Darkenss/Pitt #2 is published today by Image Comics.

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