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supercageComic book artist Josh Adams talks about the world he finds himself in, the industry, the family, the personality traits….

So any of you who took the time to read the column last week, most likely saw Tom Brevoort’s response to my shared experience with former Marvel Talent Coordinator, Chris Allo.

Initially, upon reading what Tom wrote, I was shocked at my own actions and I did honestly feel like an idiot for writing about Chris Allo.  Then I read it again, I questioned my feelings on the matter.  Of course I do feel sorry that a man lost his job, but it is certainly nothing out of the ordinary given the current American economy.

Is it worth dissecting what I said and defending each statement?  No, I’m not an idiot and I’m not malicious.  I wrote what I wrote carefully and conscientiously and given another chance I would not change it.  It is worth, however, explaining my intent upon writing this column and why such an anecdote was more than appropriate given the circumstances.  Hell, regardless of the circumstances.

I, as a second generation comic book artist just breaking in, am in a very unique situation.  I have many pros and cons to my situation but I share quite a few similarities to the average young artist trying to break into the industry and because of that, if I find an opportunity to share some of my experience with an audience of people with like goals then I will do what I can to help them from my own experience.  So was, my anecdote about Chris Allo an assault on a vulnerable man?  Fuck no.  I’m sorry for my language, I try not to be profane but honestly it just needed to be there. I don’t know who is going to be taking Mr. Allo’s  place at Marvel but I suggest that aspiring artists keep their eyes and ears open and portfolios at the ready.

Furthermore, I don’t want anyone to think that Tom Brevoort was in the wrong, or that I would believe as much.  Tom worked with Chris and I am sure was very friendly with him.  He likely knows more about Chris Allo than most anyone reading this column and can say closest to the truth about the kind of person Chris was.  I have no doubt of that, and Tom stood up for a person he believed in.  However our disagreement, if you could call it that, is questioning my intent when sharing my experience.

I think at this point there has already been too much attention paid to this matter and it should be time to move on.  In fact, I wanted to talk briefly about the next month.

Next month, there are three major convention taking place in Long Beach, California, Baltimore, Maryland and New York City!  The funny thing is they are all jammed right up next to each other.  I wish I could make it to all of them but unfortunately I can only attend Baltimore and New York.

For anyone considering going to the Long Beach, CA show, I highly recommend it, I’ve been talking with some of the people organizing it and they are planning to put together a great show, a must, if you are in the area.

If you do fall in to the category of being a young artist looking for a gig, I do recommend spending as much time at conventions as possible.  You can do the portfolio reviews if you, like.  If you’re good enough you’ll get noticed and maybe even get a chance but it’s also a great opportunity to meet with smaller publishers and editors (when you can sneak up on them.)  There are so many opportunities, and believe me, they’re gonna be some rough gigs out there but exposure is key.  I am perfect proof.  I got the attention of Rich Johnston and became the frequent point of mention on LITG, and now I am writing a column which you all read (you being the people who are currently reading, I’m not trying to brag, just stating that the readers read it…but I digress,) and then go to my site or talk on the forums and the commission list alone has paid for all my bills this month and my level of recognition is that much higher.

I met Rich Johnston at the former Big Apple Convention a while back while promoting Division 18, and he was nice enough to take a look at my work and I was enough of a loud mouth to at least appear like I meant business.  To be honest, I had no idea who Rich was and had never read his column, even known to the degree it was read, but my friend Matt fully informed me and made sure the opportunity was not lost.  Since then, I’ve never stopped bugging the hell out of Johnston to keep me in the public eye.

I promised last week I would give you a sketch of Superman portrayed by a interesting choice of yours and while this week has been very VERY busy for me, I was able to squeeze in about ten minutes to knock out a rough Nicolas Cage as Superman for you all:

I’ve been busy doing an issue of a comic about one of the biggest speedsters to ever be in a comic and it is certainly NOT a Marvel Comic.

For next week, in light of Ryan Reynolds playing the part of Hal Jordan I would like to see you cast his replacement for, speaking of speedsters, the Flash.  If you are more of a Marvel person then cast a Steve Rogers Captain America for me and we’ll see what I can come up with next week!  Hopefully I’ll have more time than I did this week to give you something better!
Josh Adams work can be found at whatwouldjoshdo.com. He will answer questions sent to josh@whatwouldjoshdo.com in subsequent columns. Lawyers willing. His opinions are, naturally, his own.

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