Friday – A Perfect Day For Sticking A Robot In A Bowler Hat

National Public Radio pits Gotham City Sirens against Marvel Divas in a battle of the cheesecake, with butt shot/boob shot comparison stats ready and find  that while Gotham City Sirens is basically a Russ Meyer film filtered through Paul Dini sensibilities, Marvel is unexpectedly actually telling a serious story without reverting to stereotype, and that the only boob shot in Marvel Divas is that of a mammogram. Who’d have thought? You know, without actually reading the comics…

Okay, this is a fun new take on the Disney/Marvel situation, Gonzo Chaote writing;

Disney has, through their films, been able to influence public discourse on femininity and the role of women in society by disseminating a decidedly patriarchal perspective to a massive audience of fertile young minds… Given the kind of conservative, self-limiting message Disney has been hugely successful at marketing to young girls, I am very concerned about these same people gaining control over a large stable of characters aimed directly at impressionable boys.

But he sees more of a problem with the Marvel as-is, reminding me of Marvel backroom girl Felicia’s comments, back in the day, how Marvel was basically remaking itself to be bought by the likes of Sony, Universal or Paramount. If only she’d have added Disney to the list, she’d have looked terribly prescient.

He concludes saying;

At the end of the day, the Disney purchase is just adding one more layer to an already poisonous cake that will not- under current leadership – result in the enviable creative and market position currently enjoyed by DC… Dark Reign is the perfect metaphor for Marvel. You’ve just got to hope there’s an Emma Frost at the table.”

While from the other direction, Wes Lowery of The Voyager writes;

The Marvel Universe is now a subsidiary of the most evil company since the Hitler Youth.


robotThis column’s obsession with actor/writer/director Noel Clarke’s, continues as shooting starts on, a heist movie, filing in New York, London and Pinewoood Studios. I could run this set shot of Noel and the boys. But instead here’s a quick shot of the robot from the short film he’s starring in, Reign Of Death. Woo hoo!

Christan comic Lions 12 gets adapted as a hip-hop stage play

The Ojai Valley Museum is hosting a retrospective on the work of Sergio Aragones, with emphasis on his work for Mad.

And Sterling Gates, the comics writer (as opposed to the retirement complex), gets some local Tulsan press for his work, and lets us know his dad was a comic book store owner, of Sooner Books & Comics. And his career is all down to Geoff Johns…

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