Wednesday Newspapers And Comics

This ran in The Sun newspaper yesterday… colour me impressed.


Berke Breathed gets interviewed. On why he keeps coming back to his Bloom County characters, he replies;
Ever try to lose a girlfriend that you knew was bad for you or keeping you from other things or costing you way too much but the sex was too good to let go?  Of course you have.  Exactly like that.
With Archie #601 getting press as the wedding day approaches, this… this couldn’t really a pre-marriage sex scene? Could it? No…. could it? No….. could it? Could it?
And as the right-on-left-wing Guardian newspaper continues to give away classic British comics, its sister paper, The Observer, gave away a copy of the 2000th edition of The Beano comic from 1980. Which had a reproductrion of the very first Beano cover from 1938 on the back. With this as the header.
Boy, times have changed, haven’t they? Just a little bit, yes? I know it’s been 70 years, but this was still fine to reprint for kids in 1980… and for a newspaper audience outside of editorial comment, now.

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