Review: Amazing Spider-Man #605 By Fred Van Lente, Brian Reed And… Lots Of People

lawAmazing Spider-Man #605 is the comic that keeps on giving. Priced at $3.99 over the normal $2.99, it’s fifty pages of story, which gives the writers room to expand the perspectives within. And everything is concentrated around the love lives of Peter Parker and friends, We get a whole story from Mary Jane Watson’s point of view on her return to New York, Spider-Man only presented as some kind of supernatural guardian, the Peter Parker/Michelle resolution that tore a strip off the internet this week, with Harry Osborn and the Reilly cousins and Parker trying internet and rooftop dating. All infused with superhero and supervillain action that makes this suddenly feel like the golden era of Spider-Man comics all over again. Just with a little more room to breathe.

spitOh and yes, as for that perceived-Spider-Man-Chameleon-flatmate-possible-rape thing? Totally resolved, and clearly in a way that clearly preceded any of the internet fuss. Apparently a kiss and a giggle is sometimes just a kiss and a giggle.

It feels very much that this issue is, over and above anything else, the kind of thing that the whole One More Day/Brand New Day revamp was aiming at. Creating a better Spider-Man to tell stories of all different types. And here’s a bunch of them. Focused on the wonderful juxtaposition of the all-powerful man who is unable to fix the things that really matter. And the effect and influence that has on those around him.

Praise also has to to Yanick Paquette and Mark Farmer, creating a strong and believable world in the Brian Reed dating story, as well as Danielle, the kind of broad broad you rarely see in superhero comics, and a wonderful city for the very solid Spider-Man to swing around in. And Luke Ross and Rick Magyar for portraying a slap that will be heard around the world.

Amazing Spider-Man #605 by Fred Van Lente, Brian Reed, Javier Pulido, Javier Rodriguez, Luke Ross, Rick Magyar, Yanicke Paquette and Mark Farmer is published today in the USA and tomorrow in the UK.

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