Review: Unthinkable #5 by Mark Sable and Julian Totino Tedesco

u1This has been the conspiracy comic with possibly the highest concept ever. What if the creators assigned to come up with “unthinkable” possible ways for terrorists to attack America post-911 found their ideas used… to attack America. Even the really really stupid ones, like everyone in China jumping up in the air at the same time of a nuclear hand grenade.

Or building a particle accelerator in Switzerland that could create a black hole. You know, silly stuff like that. The kind of thing that could never really happen. But once an idea gets out, it sticks…

And there are some very silly things plot twists here. We discovered last issue that the man responsible for these attacks is the protagonist’s brother who survived the 9/11 attacks that we thought killed him. Yet it is treated with extreme seriousness and urgency, and an rough, gritty art style that takes even cartoony characters and embeds them solidly in reality.

u2And so we rush towards a possibly horrific conclusion, with terrible acts from a son to a father, the unconditional love from a father to his sons, and the whole plan that has obsessed the characters through the last four issues, laid out across the pages through the ages. And the inevitable infection, not of a virus, real or online, but of an idea. That once an idea has been conceived then it can just keep on keeping on.

And they’d have gotten away with it too, if it wasn’t for these pesky kids.

Unthinkable #5 is published today in the USA and tomorrow in the UK from Boom!

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