Preview: The Eternal Conflicts Of The Cosmic Warrior by Paul Grist for Image Comics

Spinning out of Jack Staff comes a one shot comic from Paul Grist, centred on the Eternal Warrior character, given a quick legal name change. The book is published in early October. As the solicitations say;

The Cosmic Warrior. He’s the Eternal Champion, a wanderer through time, forever caught in the battle between order and chaos

There’s a woman called Bernadette who wants to be the Empress of the Universe, and she’s just found the one thing that could help her achieve that. The only man who can stop her is the Cosmic Warrior. And he’s just arrived 10 minutes too late!

I’ve been enjoying Paul’s work since St Swithin’s Day, through Kane, through Grendel, through the Daily Bugle, and it’s fantastic to see the success he’s found with Jack Staff. More please, Paul.

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