Dave Sim Talks Cerebus TV

"This image is not from Cerebus TV and is used for illustration purposes only"
"This image is not from Cerebus TV and is used for illustration purposes only"

We’re a few weeks away from it’s launch. But what exactly is Cerebus TV? We’ve had some comments, and ideas and even brief programme descriptions from some of his collaborators. But what does Dave Sim have to say about it all? He told Bleeding Cool;

What Cerebus TV is about: art and artists talking about art and examining that art in black and white. I enjoy reading about artists’ lives in Alter Ego but I’m always far more interested in their materials, drawing choices, influences, mentors. I want to do a feature called “What Are You Working On Right Now?” Because that’s the thing any artist is the most focused on. What he or she is doing at the moment, problems that need to be solved. Problems that were solved.

We can look for Jim Steranko as an early participant and a lot of Dave Sim demonstrating such problem solving with drawings, paintings – and then selling the pieces directly on eBay.

Dave Sim will be recruiting advertising from bricks and mortar comics stores, with ads to run alongside the programming six days a week. The station will not broadcast on Sunday, as Dave Sim observes the Sabbath on that day, and has chosen;

to not work, to rest, to read and comment on Scripture from midnight Saturday to midnight Sunday

Interested retailers should contact the station here.

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