Monday - Who Wants To Buy Scarlett Johansson's Comics?

Monday – Who Wants To Buy Scarlett Johansson’s Comics?

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scarlettAccording to, Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds, playing Black Widow and Deadpool/Green Lantern respectively, have a house full of comics, something Scarlett is wanting to change. They quote her saying

We have quite a few stacks of comic books. We’re in different universes but it’s fun to get into that whole world together even if there is quite a stack of comic books taking up space!

They quote her as wanting to reprise her upcoming role in The Avengers, but that she’s wanting to get rid of the comics. Go on Ryan, give her Preacher to read. That usually does the trick.

The Brooklyn Book Fair has a strong comics presence, with the NYCC and Act-I-Vate facing front. And there’s a great quote from Tom DeFalco;

I find it fascinating that superheroes are now popular in every imaginable medium—TV, film, video games—except for comic books, the very medium that spawned them… In past years, companies like Marvel could produce dozens of titles selling over 100,000 copies.

kellyWhat does it take to drum up media attention to kick start a career in comics? How about being an attractive 17 year old student who has already created a graphic novel? Kelly Sullivan, you may go far…

MovieWeb takes Jeffrey Dean Morgan from Watchmen to Losers to… Lobo?

The latest Interesting Conference brought up an odd speaker…

a media consultant revealing psychological violence in 1970s girls’ comics. The latter taught the women in the audience to never mock a monkey, for fear of winding up like poor Kitty, whose demise is graphically documented in the Misty magazine circa 1979.

ipodTime to comicbook up your iPod

Disney just can’t get enough of superheroes these days. Now its after some Indian ones too

Athens, Georgia has comic book artists too. And they all read Thor.

Dragons Vs Robots? Really?

And on the same day we run the first in a series of pieces in conjunction with the Michigan State University’s History of The Modern Comic course, we get more details about Napier University in Edinburgh and their own graphic novel course, which they describe as the only Masters level Creative Writing course available in Britain.

Oh and looks like Jeff Robinov was right about Whiteout

Comics really seem to be taken seriously. I’m starting to feel nostalgic for the days they were just laughed at…

Jeff Robinov,

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