Lying In The Gutters - September 14th, 2009

Lying In The Gutters – September 14th, 2009

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Every Monday from now on (unless it’s a Tuesday), welcome back to Lying In The Gutters. A once-a-week, sometime-on-Monday collection links of links to the best stories that have already run in Bleeding Cool this week and a smattering of new content on top. If you read only one Bleeding Cool article, make it this one. These Monday articles will also be archived at and will probably spin off into a mailing list at some point.


Thank you Geoff Johns, thank you.

250px-Time_Warner_CenterI hear that Diane Nelson has landed in New York today, on her way to talk to DC people, one to one. Maybe she will mention what I’ve heard talk about, a big move being planned at DC Entertainment, possibly the most visible change in the company. The physical moving out of the current premises at 1700 Broadway.

I hear talk that most divisions of the new company will operate from Burbank, Los Angeles County. Editorial and publishing will stay in New York, however, moving down the road from 1700 Broadway moving to the new Time Warner building in Columbus Circle. This move was resisted by Paul Levitz, but now there’s nothing to stop it.

And is Hank Kanalz the really new man for the Publisher job? He is certainly being talked up, he has a history at DC, currently VP and General Manager of Wildstorm and at Warner where he was Director of Worldwide Theme Parks. And while Wildstorm has flagged of late, they now have a successful new line of licensed comics that move outside of the direct market, possibly just the kind of thing Robinov and Nelson would be interested in. Oh and he was co-creator of Youngblood back in the day. Bloggers and hacks, might be worth getting his bio ready…

With Hitman Volume 2 now on the way, could this be a sign, a definite sign, of the whole run now being collected? It would be nice, wouldn’t it? And, hey, there’s that trademark to protect. But don’t ask me to campaign for it, last time I suggested such a campaign, DC representatives passed on a message to me via Jim Hanley that if I did so, they would guarantee such a trade paperback collection would not come out.

And after running a number of “war games” scenarios on how to recruit Geoff Johns back from DC, and what to do with him if they got him, Marvel look like they’ve just decided to squeeze as much as they can from the backstock, with the oversized cover of Geoff Johns run on Avengers. No news if it will restore the following scene that was cut from the trade paperbacks…


And what in the world… is Wolverine Vs Blade?

From Twitter:

Ed Brubaker Last night I dreamed that Geoff Johns actually WAS the Flash. I was trying to solve a murder and he was no help. He was looking at comics.

Bleeding Cool Passim – News:

We broke the Paul Levitz story (which also meant we had to turn down the chance of an exit interview with the man)

We ran a story on Bluewater payment/creator issues then broke the story on their JK Rowling biography.

We discovered Pete Milligan’s plans if originally-planned publishers Disney had objected to the gay storyline in Enigma.

We pointed out that hotel rooms are starting to sell out for San Diego Comic Con 2009, and how people’s hotel plans may need to change this year.

We learnt that no Ambush Bug #6 will be published, but there will be an all-new Ambush Bug #7.

We reported on some minor Marvel restructuring as a result of a sudden departure.

We were told about some recessionary staff concerns at Diamond Comic Distributors, found sales on Ultimate Avengers and concluded an event-led blip for the direct market, and saw The Surrogates on the iPhone.

The gossip:

Will Marvel/Disney shift to a $1.99 price point? Is this the end of the direct market? Has Diane Nelson ever read a comic book? What questions are to be asked of DC Entertainment? Is Spider-Man a witness to rape?

Found items:

Frank Cho’s cover to War Heroes #3.

Rob Liefeld speaking out against Levitz.

Steve Bissette tracking down Swamp Thing artists.

A Tampa Bay journalist lacking in, well, most things it seemed.

And finally, a beautiful piece from Solipsistic Pop, collating the thoughts of commuters on the London Underground (and/or any other comparable network) – nice. Debuting in November.


And we’re done. Just like old times isn’t it? As ever, contact me on or call +44 7801350982 (07801350982) or write to Bleeding Cool, 8 Robin Hood Lane, London SW15 3PU, UK.

Ebay sales, political cartoons, yadda yadda yadda…

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