What Would Josh Do? by Josh Adams #4 – Joshing Beyond The Guaranteed Printable Area Without Making A Pun

josh4Comic book artist Josh Adams talks about the world he finds himself in – the industry, the family, the personality traits…

It’s a shame that on such a busy week for me the whole comic industry decides that it’s to put everything on it’s head.  I apologize for this being rushed and likely short.  I’ve spent sometime looking at what people have been writing regarding all the things that have transpired this week.  If you’re unaware of what I am talking about then you need look no further than this very website to find out.

I think it appropriate that, rather than to gripe about change and such, that I write about something on the other end of the spectrum.  I’d like to talk to you about being thankful.  You see with all this “restructuring” it’s important to take stock in your life as likely, your role in this big business is bound to change.

First, I would like to thank Paul Levitz.  I haven’t had many professional dealings with Paul, only personal ones, passively most of the time but consistently pleasant and positive.  Paul is a man who’s vast knowledge of this industry is neatly placed behind the warmest and friendliest of demeanors.  To be in a conversation with him is simply relaxing and to look at his history with my famil; it’s ups and even it’s rare downs he, regardless, remains someone I not only respect, but truly admire.

I don’t say this to suck up, merely to take the opportunity to say of him what is rightly deserved of his person, a task which has only rare occasions in a man’s life.

I’m also thankful to my family, in spite of our many differences, our common grounds and our work ethic make us a tightly knit family who work hard to produce the very best we can at all times.  Speaking of which there are some plans for major collaborative efforts in the comic field in the near future.  It would be wise to keep your eyes open.

There has been word going around of the departing of Chris Allo from Marvel Comics and the return of CB Cebulski as an interim talent coordinator.  I’ve had dealings with both Chris and CB in the course of trying to get Marvel to answer my call and look at my work and I can say I find them to be two distinctly different people.

I recall talking with Joe Quesada in San Diego some years ago and he recommended I get in touch with CB about getting me some work and looking over my stuff, to say the least I was optimistic.  I had at the time been working on a number of other budding opportunities, some of which were very good for me.

Some time had past and I found myself coming to the realization that I felt I was ready to show my work to Marvel, so I immediately put together a web portfolio and sent it off to CB.  I was giddy at the idea that someone at Marvel would be looking at my work, even if I was met with rejection and critique for future improvement.  Not 24 hours later did I receive a response from CB, unfortunately informing me that he was no longer the man to look to in this type of situation and that I should get in touch with Chris Allo.  He kindly provided me with his contact information and some words of encouragement and left me to go on my way at furthering my career.

Quickly, I retuned my portfolio and email and sent it off to Chris, and waited…and waited…and waited.  I sent another one sometime later, and waited, and waited…till just last night, when I opened my bookmarks and went right to bleedingcool to see the headline about Chris…and CB.

I don’t want to be too negative about Chris Allo.  I’m sure he was a busy man and he had lots of people to look at.  Maybe he didn’t even like my work.  I can freely admit, even I am not happy with my own works and constantly try to improve and have since improved, but I didn’t get even an automated response to acknowledge it’s consideration.  I wondered, how many then would be received in this manner.  There may very likely be a day (because the comic industry is just as big as it is small,) that I meet Chris in person and when that day comes.  I will be friendly, genuinely curious to know what he is doing with himself, and I may even bring this up, but only in hopes to put it behind me, so that I can have yet another positive relationship with a member of the comic book industry.  Were that to happen it would be an opportunity which I would be greatly thankful for.

That said, I think I might have an email to send out to good ol’ CB.  Maybe there is room for me to draw Wolverine and the Mouseketeers.

I have to apologize because I did not get to the Young Avengers we talked about this past week.  I will take care of it.  You are free to give me more suggestions for them as I think there are plenty of members yet to be fully thought through.  I will also put on the list for casting one who already has many faces but deserves another; a face yet to be portrayed as this man…the Man of Steel, Superman.  Cast him as anyone yet to play Supes and I will give a crack at it.  Until then, here is an oldie but goodie, Tom Welling as Superman: it started as simply a head study and turned into me making some changes and “Suping” it up.  Looking back I’m not very happy with the line work but you gets back what you give.

Josh Adams work can be found at whatwouldjoshdo.com. He will answer questions sent to josh@whatwouldjoshdo.com in subsequent columns. Lawyers willing. His opinions are, naturally, his own.

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