Friday Springfield, Swamp Detectives, Sanitary Habits, Source Material and Speaking Ill Of The Resigned

Friday Springfield, Swamp Detectives, Sanitary Habits, Source Material and Speaking Ill Of The Resigned

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Swamp-Thing-4-653x1024A Springfield Comic Con? No, really… it’s happenng this weekend.

The world’s greatest detective Steve Bissette is trying to track down who pencilled the artwork designed for the Kenner Swamp Thing toy line based on the TV cartoon – as well as the bizarre choices that influenced it, the movies, the live action TV show and a pre-existing line of monster finger puppets that could be fitted in to the merchandising. The inker is Swamp Thing’s Alfredo Alcala but the penciller is not known though Kevin Nowlan suggests Paris Cullins. Anyone know one way of the other?

We’ve had Chris Weston as a have-a-sketch hero, now a past Doctor Who is going after charge-happy student landlords. And the new guy is currently filming in Neath.

Comic books and toilet habits – haven’t you always wanted to work out the correlations?

The News Observer loves Vertigo. loves loves loves.

Ben Browder (Farscape) on Dragon*Con – “It’s like Mardi Gras in space”

Wolverine 2 will be very much based on the Wolverine mini-series by Chris Claremont and Frank Miller. Lauren Schuler Donner says;

Certainly in ‘Wolverine 2,’ in the Japanese saga, we will stay very close to the source material. I think it’s just best that way.

I bet it’s Frank’s name that gets used in publicity though…

Rob Liefeld is throwing a party for Paul Levitz’ resignation. He writes;

Levitz is the guy that would not pay freelancers the same rates as Marvel for all these years. He was a grudge holder that prevented further Marvel/DC team ups and not letting guys like Mark Millar run free with Superman.

He was an old guy with old school tactics who would allegedly tell anyone from Frank Miller to Alex Ross to Alan Moore during their heydays that “They weren’t bigger than Batman” always reminding people that the characters were more important than creators.

You know what though, Rob? He was probably right.

The Passion Of The Hausfrau graphic novel-ish gets noticed and reviewed by Playback

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