Review: Red Sonja #48 by Brian Reed and Diego Bernard


That’s the thing about Red Sonja. Even when it’s freezing cold, and she needs a heavy coat, she’s unafraid to flash some skin. She reminds me of those old Playboy-esque shots of a women in furs, standing on a street corner flashing her bits. Except that they were even scarier than Red Sonja.

They say that at the end of the green rainbow there’s an omniscient narrator who may or may not interrupt your dreams plotting your path to the top of a wintry mountain. Well, they do here, anyway. And of course there is a rival in search of the same. There are sasquatches, ninja sisterhoods, broadswords, chain bikinis and lots of lots of snow. It does set off the blood so nicely. A Men Vs Women race to the top, and the reveal of an old friend…

Swords, sorcery, snow and skin. More than enough for any Red Sonja fan.

Red Sonja #48 is published by Dynamite today.

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