EXCLUSIVE: What Do You Mean You Haven't Booked Your San Diego Hotel Room Yet, There's Only Eleven Months To Go!

EXCLUSIVE: What Do You Mean You Haven’t Booked Your San Diego Hotel Room Yet, There’s Only Eleven Months To Go!

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omniI understand that hotel rooms for July 21st-25th 2010 at the Omni are all but sold out. This doesn’t include any reserved discounted rooms arranged with the San Diego Comic Con 2010, which will be made available to attendees early next year, but it seems that there are a number of companies who don’t so much care about discount rates, but about getting their people closer to Con at any cost. And, after all, they can always cancel the rooms later if they need to.

Unless of course, they’re staying at the Marriot, the closest hotel to Comic Con – at least the comic publishing side of it. However, they are only offering non-cancellable rooms.

This is as a direct result of the practice of people in previous years booking rooms at the full rate at San Diego hotels well in advance, snagging one of the discounted rooms when they are made available, then canceling their earlier booking. It’s also the reason that there’s a sudden flood of rooms made available at hotels just after the discount booking period, which fans who missed out on a discount room might grit their teeth and book. Don’t expect that quite as much this year, especially as others take the Marriot’s lead.

Nevertheless the practice of block booking rooms and indeed floors is expected to rocket in 2010. The best way to get a last minute decent room next year is to be employed by a TV or film studio. So desperate are they to get enough hotel space, they will pay full rate, overbook, and have a couple of rooms going spare – which they now may not be able to cancel. So, whatever your position within such a company, it’s worth getting on the phone and making your interest known.

You might get the room that Bruce Willis was going to have, before his ingrowing toenail kept him home.

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