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This week, the US will join the UK in enjoying Thursday shipping of comics, thanks to Labor Day (a holiday in which people don’t work… isn’t this like celebrating Martin Luther King Day by being really racist?) and making a mockery of the Wednesday Comics title.

Still there should be plenty to entertain.

BeatlesEXHours after Bleeding Cool broke the JK Rowling biographical comic story, Bluewater ran a confirming press release (and MTV claimed it as an “exclusive”). Just before announcing they’re republishing Revolutionary’s Rock’N’Roll line of biographical comics. This was the line that caused all sorts of legal ramifications, court cases before Revolutionary were successful. Subsequent biographical lines from other publishers caused more legal problems, to the extent that Diamond decided not to carry any biographical comics at all – though they seemed to make occasional exceptions for bigger publishers.

I understand that Diamond’s terms with publishers indemnify them a little more against such action, and they are risk-averse regarding any legal matters that arise, suspending distribution until any claims are cleared up, but to announce this story and a comic about the notoriously-legally-aggressive JK Rowling means I had three comic book lawyers emailing me, rubbing their hands.

Another ticking clock from Joe Quesada? I’m told (by Joe Quesada so, you know…) that his weekly Cup O’ Joe column will deal with “many of the behind the scenes details about the merger from my point of view, our visit with Bob Iger and John Lasseter and what Disney expects from us within the publishing group.” Okay, that may be worth ticking down to…

bloomBerke Breathed will make his very first comic convention appearance this October, attending the Long Beach Comic Con to help promote the IDW Bloom County collection. Panels and signing sessions galore!

Midtown Comics in Manhattan have a signing for Project Runway‘s Tim Gunn and Phil Jiminez for their Marvel book Models Inc #1 (as seen on The Daily Show.) It’s today. 4-6pm. Looks like someone is at least selling one comic early!

ABC’s Lost has a display at D23 on the cheap. Basically it’s a “preview” of the Lost 2010 Auction where, after the final series has aired, the sell off everything from the set. Which is a lot more financially sensible than hiring a skip I guess. And this display can’t have cost too much, basically a pile of ripped garbage bags with stuff sticking out I’m guessing.

lost_itemsOkay, maybe not.

So Richard Curtis is writing for the upcoming new series of Doctor Who? You know he’s bezzy mates with Neil Gaiman, right?

Top Cow are releasing The Darkness/Pitt #1 free on Comixology’s comics app on the iPhone. Of course the iPhone costs a few hundred dollars plus the monthly stipend, but still.

Vringo have developed a series of video ringtones based on old Marvel cartoons. And apparently giving you the (legal) ability to create mashupy ringtones like this.

Like that wouldn’t annoy the hell out of everyone.

Check out the new short comic, Mongo Music Critic by Andy Winter and Tommie Kelly, from edgy superhero upstart publisher Moonface Press

Enjoy waiting for your comics folks… I understand today’s news may well be diverting enough to keep you tided over…

Yes, that is a tease isn’t it? Look, I’m working on a story. Let’s see what happens.

Tomorrow my weekly column will deal with many of the behind the scenes details about the merger from my point of view, our visit with Bob Iger and John Lasseter and what Disney expects from us within the publishing group.  You all may find it interesting reading as well.
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