The Dragon*Con Minute: Jimmy Palmiotti with Cheryl Lynn Eaton

The Dragon*Con Minute: Jimmy Palmiotti with Cheryl Lynn Eaton

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PalmiottiEpisode Two: Jimmy Palmiotti.

CLE: Hi! This is Cheryl Lynn Eaton, your Bleeding Cool operative, and I’m here with Jimmy Palmiotti. And Jimmy, how’s your show going so far?

JP: It’s going fantastic! It’s been a busy few days and people are very nice—and somewhat clean—here in Atlanta. But seriously, I’ve seen some great costumes and some very prepared fans. They’ve come with whole runs of books and they are very polite and very nice. It’s been great! I haven’t done the show in about six or seven years. It’s a much better show than I remember.

CLE: So, Jimmy, can you tell our Bleeding Cool readers about some of the projects that you’ve got going right now?

jonah hex power-girl-vol-2-2-adam-hughes-cover

JP: Well, I continue the madness on Power Girl every month with Amanda [Conner] and Justin [Grey]. And we’re continuing with Jonah Hex. We’re ending the six part series we’ve got now and then with issue #50 we have Darwyn Cooke doing a double-sized issue. Probably right after that we’ll have Dick Giordano doing issue #51! What else? Let’s see. Oh, we have The Last Resort out with IDW and that goes up to issue #5. And we’re also working on Time Bomb for Radical Comics. That’s our big project right now. That’ll be three 50-page issues.

CLE: Not bad! Now, can you spill any secrets about the upcoming Jonah Hex movie?

JP: Here’s a secret. I’m not in it. Here’s another. Megan Fox is shorter than me. Nah, there’s no secrets. It’s actually going to be a really Heavy Metal, over-the top, wild, Western action movie. That’s the best way to describe it. Something you’ve never seen before.

CLE: And that sounds like something our readers would be looking forward to seeing! Jimmy, thank you so much for talking with us! This is Cheryl Lynn Eaton with the DragonCon Minute and I’m out!

Cheryl Lynn writes for Digital Femme Online.


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