The Dragon*Con Minute: Laura Martin with Cheryl Lynn Eaton

The Dragon*Con Minute: Laura Martin with Cheryl Lynn Eaton

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CLE: Hi, this is Cheryl Lynn Eaton, your Bleeding Cool operative and I’m here with Laura Martin. Laura, how’s your DragonCon going so far?

LM: It’s going really well! This year, the Artist Alley is in a new location and I’m very, very happy with it. We’ve got a prime spot right in front of the main doors. Everyone gets to see us when they come in and I get to see all the costumes, which is awesome.


CLE: Now you’ve recently gone exclusive with Marvel. Would you like to tell us about something you’re working on at Marvel that our Bleeding Cool Readers can look forward to?

LM: Yes, I did go exclusive, which is pretty awesome. I’m also working on a big special thing—which I don’t think has been announced yet. I’m not really sure.

CLE: Oops! Looks like we might have to go off the record, guys!

LM: I’ll just say, I’m going to be working on something very cool. I’ll just leave it at that!

CLE: Okay, well that sounds good to us! Laura, thank you so much for talking with us. This is Cheryl Lynn Eaton with the DragonCon Minute and I’m out!

Cheryl Lynn writes for Digital Femme Online.



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