Sunday Sackings, Soccer, Spoken Dialogue And Strange People...

Sunday Sackings, Soccer, Spoken Dialogue And Strange People…

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I’m getting repeated reports of more redundancies at McFarlane Toys. I’m told that a number of people have gone from accounting, including the department controller. Names like Rob Kern, Mike Sandoval, Joey Frystl, Matt Connelly, Patty Deutsch and Michelle Campbell are dropped as being, well, dropped. The Sales  department is down to two salespeople and one administrator. PR/Marketing now consists of just Carmen Bryant, and Christine Finch is only employee in Licensing now, with an intern performing as brand manager. Human Resources is down to one too. Well, less humans to resource I suppose. The company has been going through several rough patches, it looks like the patches are becoming the norm…

Business_609891aThe Times churns a stack of reportage on the Marvel/Disney buyout into its own piece (hell, I think some of my stuff is in there) but does add its own visual from Dominic Rushe.

The Independent profiles Football Comic Heroes by Adam Riches, a thick tome charting the history of the football comic book.

Matt Fraction gets profiled in the LA Times saying;

There’s a difference with written versus spoken dialogue. In a game, a lot of it is spoken. So I end up talking to myself a lot to hear how my lines sound. I have to find an artful way to explain everything the gamer needs to know without making it so unengaging that they just skip through the dialogue, which is what a lot of gamers do.

CNN profiles Dragon Con, noting;

“At first I thought it was really strange,” Hokiesfan Emily Nardone of Ashburn, Virginia, said. “But now I see everybody’s having so much fun. And I enjoy looking at the freaks.”

And Lenny Henry travels the country looking for comics.

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