Noel Clarke Wanted To Make Supergirl And/Or Black Lightning?

Noel Clarke Wanted To Make Supergirl And/Or Black Lightning?

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NoelClarkeBAFTALast night, while his movie adulthood premiered on a UK satellite channel, its writer/director and BAFTA award-winning Noel Clarke sat down instead to watch Catwoman on ITV2. We’re not sure why, maybe it was masochism. But he twittered what he saw…

OH MY GOD! How shit is CATWOMAN?


RE: LOL CATWOMAN Unbelievable rubbish. I wanna slap the director. Classic making a film about a character he actually knows nothing about.


So DC let this idiot make and ruin catwoman but that won’t let me make BLACK LIGHTING or SUPERGIRL. Unbelievable… So angry, going to bed.

Noel Clarke wanted to make Supergirl and/or Black Lightning?

Clarke is best known in the UK for playing the character of Mickey in the revival of Doctor Who, but he also wrote the movie kidulthood, and wrote and directed adulthood, two coming of age movies that were both incredibly well receive, as well as writing the movie West 10 LDN and an episode of Torchwood. He’s currently working on his own sci-fi project 4 3 2 1, starring in Centurion and is considered quite the hot property.

DC? Warner? Diane Nelson? Please let Noel Clarke make Supergirl and/or Black Lightning. He’ll probably do it cheaply, cleverly and interestingly. It’s not like his comment about Catwoman is that controversial either, I’ve heard DC VPs say worse…

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