Dragon Con, Day Two– A New Adventure! By Cheryl Lynn Eaton

Dragon Con, Day Two– A New Adventure! By Cheryl Lynn Eaton

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Everyone knows that Saturdays are for cartoons! And at DragonCon, Saturday was for one very special cartoon in particular—The Venture Bros.

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And so, our Bleeding Cool operative ventured forth into the unexplored halls of the Hyatt Regency Atlanta to attend DragonCon’s Venture Bros. panel! Due to the popularity of the series, fans were met with an hour’s wait and a line that snaked around the walls of the Hyatt Regency Atlanta. However, fans managed to bide their time by bringing the festivities outside. Armbands were given to those standing in line by members of a Venture Bros. fan organization and fans dressed as major characters from the series posed for pictures and recited some of the show’s most famous lines.

VenturePanel Once inside, fans cheered as Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick sauntered into the darkened room as the disco theme to Star Wars blared from speakers. Sadly, no disco dancing occurred. Once the two were seated, fans were treated to a screening of a portion of the first episode of the Venture Bros. season four! When the clip concluded and the riotous applause had died down, Hammer and Publick asked audience members if they had recognized the voice of Kevin Conroy as one of the new characters introduced. Many happily admitted that they had.

The Q&A portion of the panel began, and fans were able to question the duo about upcoming episodes and give feedback on previous seasons. Our Bleeding Cool operative learned that some still lament the death of Henchman 24, the former love of Dr. Orpheus will make an appearance in season four and that Jackson Publick rightfully believes that Helen Keller would win in a deathmatch with Anne Frank. However, Doc Hammer wasn’t entirely convinced.

As the panel concluded, Hammer and Publick tossed DVDs into the audience and waved goodbye to the delighted crowd. The premiere of season four of the Venture Bros. will take place on October 18 on the Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim programming block.

DarkHorsePanel With all Venture-related activities concluded, our Bleeding Cool operative now had Buffy of the brain! And so, it was time to mosey on over to the Marriott to make the Dark Horse panel. The friendly gathering was helmed by senior Dark Horse editor Scott Allie and artist Georges Jeanty.

So, what will Bleeding Cool readers be able to look forward to from Dark Horse? Allie informed the audience of the company’s One-Shot Wonders program. The editor stressed the importance of making quality comics that readers would not need to collect dozens of issues to understand or enjoy. This fall, the company will launch several self-contained one-shot issues. In November, fans will be able to pick up a Dr. Horrible one-shot featuring the work of Joelle Jones and Zack Whedon. And just next month, Sugarshock by Joss Whedon and Fabio Moon will hit comic shop shelves. Finally, in December, a Willow one-shot will arrive on the scene to shed light on the relationship between Willow and the snake woman.

But what about Buffy, you ask? Never fear! Brad Meltzer will be taking over the series for a four-issue stint with issue #32. In fact, Allie admitted that Season 8 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer would be expanded to make room for Meltzer’s story.

Dawn7 Dawn6Dawn5 Dawn4Dawn3 Dawn2Dawn

No rest for the weary! But, wait! The sun is setting! How could a new dawn be rising? Well, it’s easy when you’ve been granted backstage access to the twelfth annual DragonCon Dawn costume contest! Our Bleeding Cool operative was lucky enough to meet with the lovely contestants as they attempted to recreate a flesh and blood version of Linsner’s Dawn. Jovial chatter helped to calm jittery nerves as the women graciously answered questions about their elaborate costumes. Some women had spent almost a year creating costumes for the event while one plucky contestant had managed to put together a lovely piece in a matter of days. It was a night of feather, leather and lace as the women walked across the stage before the watchful and appreciative eyes of creators Joseph Michael Linsner and Eva Hopkins. Though all the contestants were beautiful, in the end Carlye Carroll walked away with the $1,000 grand prize. Congratulations, Carlye!

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Cheryl Lynn writes for Digital Femme Online.

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