Saturday PVC, Iron, Leather, Oil And Greasepaint

Saturday PVC, Iron, Leather, Oil And Greasepaint

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silk-spectre-costumeWho wears the Watchmen? Alan Moore and Dave Gibbon’s superhero opus comes to Hallowe’en this year. But the question is, will anyone do a full on Doctor Manhattan? If so, I want photos. Sadly the blue spray can is not a costume option over at though the Rorschach costume seems a bit of a rip off, you can get the mask on its own and do the rest yourself…

The Miami Herald interviews Matt Fraction about Iron Man, writing the comic and consulting on Iron Man 2. Marvel have been promoting their “brain trust” idea, where the comic book creators talk to the movie people about the films, and have seen them alter as a result. I’m wondering just how much of the Disney deal will be about tapping Marvel comic creators to work on other Disney concepts in other media. Hell, it worked for Brian K Vaughan and ABC’s Lost

Megan Fox told MTV that the Jonah Hex movie “somehow manages to be super-violent while still having a PG-13 rating. I don’t know how they did that.” Yes, that’s the kind of baiting the MPAA look favourably on, isn’t it?

What will the next cross-media buyout by Time Warner, owner of DC Comics be? Buying Dreamworks Animation SKG? MGM? Scrfipps Network Interactive? NBC Universal? games giant Electronic Arts? Or Take Two Interactive? Business Week lays out the odds and gets a Warner response from CEO Jeffrey Bewkes, basically, “nothing changes” and that Disney bought Marvel to compete better with Warner.

Super Heroes Who Are Super! is a new series of plays by Plays And Players in Philadeplphia, who act out old superheroes comics on stage. Including Fringe’s Melissa Lynch playing Wonder Woman, ten actors perform each comic, Wonder Woman, Spider-Man and Batman, re-written by Daniel Student, including genuine lines such as;

Stupid men! You have no chance against us as long as we wear Aphrodite’s magic girdle!

The shows continue at Plays & Players, 3d floor, 1714 Delancey Place, Philadelphia. Here’s a video preview;

And as I wrote last night, free comics in The Guardian!

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