Cerebus TV... Tick Tick Tick...

Cerebus TV… Tick Tick Tick…

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cerebustvlogosmall The CerebusTV.com countdown clock continues to tick away the numbers until 10pm on the 22nd October. And we’re starting to get some kind of idea of what it actually will be.

A regular online show about Dave Sim, Cerebus, and other works, including Judenhaas, Cerebus Archive and my favourite, glamourpuss. Bleeding Cool has already mentioned a planned Judenhass in the classroom feature that will air the first day of CerebusTV. But how are more people going to know about this?

Dave Sim tells me that retailers will be getting As Seen On CerebusTV shouters for their store to help sell Aardvark-Vanaheim titles instore, and also promote the channel. A PR company working with CerebusTV will have their contact details listed on the site shortly for any store who wants to participate further.

Raising money for the venture, John Scrudder, who is fronting CerebusTV, will be auctioning off copies of the Cerebus Archive #3 zombie cover (that didn’t meet Diamond’s new minimums and so remains undistruibuted) to raise money for the station – and of course it was issue #3 that first mentioned that CerebusTV even existed.

I’ll update this piece when the auctions go live…

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