Shed Simove – Make Him Famous, Put Him In A Comic

shed ideas amn 2Shed Simove is an Ideas Man. His latest idea is that he wants to be famous. In fact he thinks he will be. To the extent that he’s made a bet to that effect with William Hill. Fifty pounds at a hundred to one that Simove will be famous by 13th August 2010, defined as becoming well known in the UK, the USA, India, Australia and one major continental European country. Any and all winnings will be donated to Macmillan Cancer Research.

Fame will be defined by appearing on the front page of a national newspaper or on a top-rated TV or radio show but there will be wiggle room. Accepted fame might be making an appearance in a Bollywood movie, appearing in an Australian soap opera or dating a Page 3 Model in Britain.

You know what might also count?

Apearing in a major comic book. Marvel? DC? Image? Dark Horse? Viz? Boom? IDW? Avatar? Dynamic? Top Shelf? Anyone fancy making a move? I mean Obama can only appear in so many comics can’t he?

Joe Quesada, stop courting John Stewart, get Shed Simove in X-Men. Dan DiDio? Kill him off and make him a Black Lantern. Robert Kirkman? Make him a Walking Dead zombie. Bluewater? Make a biographical comic book about his life.

Get in touch with the man here.

Here’s the betting slip in question.


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