The Spectacular Smoking Spider-Gun…


Greg Weisman, creator of the Gargoyles cartoon and producer of the 2008 Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon, wrote;

1. Last Thursday (8/27/09), Vic Cook and I were informed that in exchange for some concession vis-a-vis the live action Spider-Man features, Sony returned the television rights (including the animated television rights) for Spider-Man to Marvel. This took place the day before ComicCon, I’m told. But I was only informed of it this past week.

2. Today (8/31/09) comes the news that Disney has purchased Marvel outright.

Spectacular Spider-Man currently airs on Disney XD, with new episodes starting from October.

Right now, is streaming examples of all sorts of TV series from its past without mentioning any other studio rights to the broadcast of the work and, in some cases, removing studio logos and inserting the new Marvel Studio logo (you’ll have to wait till the end).

They have been building this up for some time now, but this relative completeness appears to be a new development.

Was getting certain rights to the TV shows sorted out a precursor to the Disney buyout? We’ve mentioned how a number of movie rights are still tied up, and may be tied up for ever. The TV rights may make up for that – especially given Disney executive desires to expand the Disney XD Marvel content.

Oh go on then, let’s run their Astonishing X-Men motion comic preview, since I’m feeling generous. It may even win me over to the format…

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