Monday Amelia, Atlas, Armies and Albion Conventions

24-5-nice connieAmelia Earhart: Drawing from History — Original Graphic Novel Illustrations in India Ink is a new exhibition at The Downtown Art District Association Center for the Arts, 526 N. Liberty St. Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Pages by local artist Ben Towle from Towle and Sarah Stewart Taylor’s upcoming graphic novel Amelia Earhart — This Broad Ocean. Runs through September.

The first chapter of Atlas Black: Managing To Succeed, the mangement graphic novel textbook previously on Bleeding Cool, is now available for free.

Eddie Campbell writes at length on Will Eisner’s commercial work for the US Army. With plenty of examples!

The battle of the British Cons is on. The BICS in Birmingham is the natural inheritor of the string of conventions that goes back to the London UKCAC. After the last UKCAC (in Manchester), Kev F Sutherland took up the baton in his home town of Bristol, which, when he left, spun off into Bristol and Birmingham shows. A lot of British talent attend, a few Americans, and some Europeans. A lot of fun, a lot of comics, but it seems, fewer and fewer attendees.

MCM London Expo is a vagrant stepchild, one of those horrible multi-media conventions that reeks of desperation and Extras from Star Wars. Until it suddenly found a massive and untapped manga, anime and cosplay audience and saw audiences rocket to ten times that of the traditional British comic conventions, and suddenly a Comics Village grew organically within it. Now the comics industry is a step child of its own step child at this convention, but with massive footfall and that holy of holies, new eyes.

BICS is on October 3rd and 4th. MCM London is on 24th-25th October. This is a comics cultural war – and one that Thought Bubble in Leeds (20th-21st November) would do good to mop up the pieces of, as it continues to lay claim to the relatively sparesley attended but terribly fashionable convention of the North.

Oh and courtesy of Marvel’s FrankenCastle project… FrankenHoopes. Lest we forget.


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