Sunday Sweets, Souls And Solicitations for X-Factor #200

Sunday Sweets, Souls And Solicitations for X-Factor #200

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Taking the girls to the Notting Hill Carnival today. Should be lots of fun. So expect a little less posting today. Come on, which other comics reportage gives you regular weekend coverage, eh?

It’s great to see it’s not just comic books that offend the mid-market tabloids. The Daily Mail, the publication that nixed the Princess Diana X-Statix comic from Marvel by inventing quotes from Buckingham Palace, is now having a go at the slightly risque candy/sweet wrappers of Maom, manufactured and distributed by Haribo.

Nikolaj Arcel, Island Of Lost Souls director is lined up to make Guillermo del Torro’s Deadman movie.

The Vancouver Sun tries to help Betty get over Archie.

And a Toronto Fan Expo announces X-Factor #200 (as teased by Bleeding Cool a few days ago), here’s the series synopsis…

X-Factor, the detective agency specializing in mutant problems, is having cash flow issues. That’s going to happen when your target clientele is reduced from a few million to less than two hundred. So it’s time for everyone’s favorite investigative team to broaden its horizons and get into the mainstream. That means a relocation back to New York–at least for those members of the team still talking to its founder, Jamie Madrox–and new cases in a bigger playground. You say your invisible spouse has vanished? That your son has been kidnapped by vampires? That you think your wife is cheating on you with an alien? Welcome to X-Factor Investigations, the detective agency to hire when the situation is desperate, the Avengers aren’t returning your calls, and you’ve got a check for $500 a day plus expenses. Sure, superheroes are out saving the world; but who’s going to save you?

Below is the solicit text for #200 in December:

“The Invisible Girl Has Vanished” – X-Factor has relocated back to New York, and their first client is a keeper: Franklin Richards, whose mom has disappeared and who figures that the premiere detective agency in the Marvel Universe has the best chance of finding her. Except Reed Richards doesn’t seem especially cooperative in helping them locate his missing wife. What is he hiding, and does it have anything to do with the coming Darkness? Meanwhile, Val Cooper has some bad news for Monet: Her ambassador father has been taken prisoner by terrorists, and she has less than 24 hours to find him before he winds up getting his head cut off on video.

So… who’s going to pick it up?

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