Saturday Snacks, Music, Movies And Escaped E-Mails...

Saturday Snacks, Music, Movies And Escaped E-Mails…

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lunchLunch Lady. It may be a small press superhero comic book now, but I bet it would make a swell Renee Zellweger vehicle. Sorry, was watching some back-to-back Entourage episodes last night, it gets into your head.

Mark Mallman and Steve Somners have a graphic novel collaboration coming up, The Incredible Urban Myth Of The Invincible Criminal, based on Mallman’s Invincible Criminal album.

If Joel Silver is, indeed, making a 3D Swamp Thing movie, we look forward to him telling people that Alan Moore is really excited about it. And Matthew Vaughn walked off X-Men 3, slipped off Thor and now wants Avengers and/or Superman … is it possible Kick Ass may let him get that third spin of the franchise superhero wheel?

LA Times is following the current crime comics zeitgeist, with Janet Evanovich, Donald E. Westlake and Ian Rankin…

I never know what I’m going to find in my inbox every day. Could be a new lead to start chasing. Could be a Nigerian Prince trying to get $35,000,000 out of the country, with $5,000,000 in it for me, could be someone wanting to be my Facebook friend. Today it was lettering comments and changes from Robert Kirkman for his comic book Haunt with Todd McFarlane from Image. Which were meant to be sent to Richard Starkings.

6. Page 4, panel 2.  PLEASE, give all sound effects punctuation. If it has an exclamation point in the script… I want that.  If it has a period in the script… I want that too.  I HATE sound effects with no punctuation.

I’ve only done this myself twice… but it does happen. Watch those inboxes, people!

Sending Obama comics to soldiers..

Oh and Edgar Wright has wrapped on Scott Pilgrim Vs The World

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