What Is... Cerebus TV?

What Is… Cerebus TV?

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cerebustvlogosmallThe website was registered by Margaret Liss, otherwise known as the Cerebus Fangirl, on behalf of Cerebus publisher Aardvark-Vanaheim, last month. The logo and address is on the back of Cerebus Archive #3 out this week.

But what CerebusTV.com is for, no one exactly knows. Well, I mean they do. But we don’t.

Cerebus was the long running, 300 issue mini-series starring a magical aardvark, starting off as a barbarian parody that moved into political satire, literary commentary and theological study. It is quite unique, and one of my favourite comic books of all time. And now it may be something else…

The website has a count down until 10pm on October 23rd. Could it be the announcement of a Cerebus TV show? A web animated Cerebus? A Cerebus themed intenet TV channel? The announcement that Cerebus will return in a comic book about transvestisism?

Haven’t a bloody clue mate. Though, come October 23rd, looks like I’ll be staying up late.

From the Cerebus Yahoo Group we learn from one Jeff S, that;

Well, I can tell you that Anthony and I are meeting together after school tomorrow (we work at the same school) to start the first of at least two videos
that will be aired (Inshallah) on CerebusTV in the premiere episode (I think). This first video is about how Anthony is one of only two North American teachers to have used “Judenhass” in his classroom during his unit on the Holocaust. The other one is Gaby Rosilius, in Iron Bridge, Ontario. Anthony teaches World History to 8th graders and Gaby teaches math, physics, and English to 10th graders. She shoehorned it (her words) into the curricula for all three classes!

Oh, and John Scrudder, who is fronting CerebusTV and I are starting to discuss a couple of other projects for CerebusTV.

How’s that?

Jeff S.

Sounds good… I wonder if Gerhard will be tuning in?

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