That Friday Feeling – DC/Marvel Love, Mark Millar Pretends To Be Respectable, Comics Lose Their Words For Art And Atlas Black Manages His Success

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namor Last year, Dan Didio invited a Namor fan-in-costume on the stage at a DC panel at Fan Expo Toronto. At Wizard World Philadelphia this year, Marvel’s Marketing Arune Singh invited a Superman fan-in-costume on stage. At Toronto this year, both Didio and Singh are moderating panels at Fan Expo. Will this be a battle for who can spread the inter company love the most? Any photos of DiDio and Singh making out in the bar afterwards would be most appreciated.

Mark Millar will be speaking at Charlotte Square Gardens as part of the Edinburgh Festival tomorrow night at 8pm, about comics, graphic novels and movies.

The graphic novel Arkham Asylum has been rocketing up the charts thanks to the XBox game. The Morrison/McKean collaboration, was at #18 on the Amazon graphic novel charts this morning, #17 as of writing, with a further rise expected.

Adhouse are offering a preview of their new graphic novel FCHS through Comixology’s Comics iPhone app, containing the Free Comic Book Day issue and the first twelve pages of the book.

Silent Pictures is a new exhibition in New York, showing silent or mostly-silent comics, many from the 1930s, and receabsyract comic pages, inspired by and containing much of Art Speigelman’s personal collection of this type of work. The show runs at the James Gallery from September 1st to October 11th. It accompanies the Fantagraphics book Abstract Comics byAndrei Molotiu who curated part of the exhibition.

Racial diversity issues at Comic Con. They do have a point.

Ian Rankin and Werther Dell’Edera’s Dark Entries starts to get a bit of mainstream coverage. And the “it’s not even a crime novel” meme starts to spread…

And Atlas Black: Managing To Succeed is a new graphic novel aimed at teaching business management. Sequels to come… maybe a crossover with Iron Man in its future?

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