What In The World Is Up With Adventure Comics #4?

adventure4Adventure Comics #4 is one of the Blackest Night tie ins that’s part of the Green Lantern rings promotion that Bleeding Cool has been  covering and covering and covering. But what makes it different?

It’s one of the three books, like JLA #39 and Blackest Night #5 that a retailer has to order fifty copies of to qualify to buy a hundred promotional rings, whereas the others, R.E.B.E.L.S, Doom Patrol and Booster Gold only need twenty-five copies ordered for the retailer to qualify.

Why? The Superboy-comic-by-any-other-name seems to have more in common with the lesser selling titles than the blockbusting Blackest Night and leading title JLA.

So why are DC insisting even the smallest retailer increase their likely order of Adventure Comics #4 more significantly than the other books to qualify for said rings?

I understand that DC reps have told certain stores that the publisher believes that retailers will need to have many more copies of this comic on hand for when it ships.

While the solicitations indicate it’s all about the return of Superboy Prime to the DC Universe, internally DC are referring to the title as Blackest Night 5 1/2 – as much a part of the central Blackest Night storyline as Superman Beyond 3D was to Final Crisis – or more.

Put it on your pull list now. Although DC hope there will be plenty of copies to go around…

Thanks to Larry of Larry’s Comics.

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