Thursday Pingbacks, Parties, Polyps And Pop Music

Thursday Pingbacks, Parties, Polyps And Pop Music

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I’m reminded how weird it was to watch official-looking people pleading to get into the Radical Comics party at San Diego Comic Con.

I walked up and heard a guy trying to get in. He mentioned a company name “plus four guests.” The security guy said, “We don’t have company names on here, just the names of people admitted.” The guy trying to get in was mad.

The Toronto Sun pours love over the Fan Expo

Dissapearance Diary‘s appearance on the Ignatz nominations gets noted.

The Boston Herald give more space to AD: New Orleans After The Deluge, Asteroids Polyps and George Sprott, confirming the triumverate indie-comics-that-make-headlines-reviews-of-2009, which finding some spare love for Neil Gaiman’s Batman.

Don McPherson gets further comment from Tokyo Pop’s on King City being published through Image Comics.

We saw it as an opportunity to test the waters of the floppy market, in which we have had interest for a while, but were a bit cautious, especially in this retail environment. It seemed natural to partner with a company that has its finger on the proverbial pulse of the floppy market…. We also felt, of course, that King City was a perfect fit for the mainstream comic audience, as its art and style was always more on the indie comic end of the spectrum than manga.

Yesterday’s story about Diane Nelson taking over at DC Comics caused some chatter, with Heidi McDonald confirming it as a story she’s been hearing (but hadn’t run until I was there to take the flak!) and Valerie D’Orazio geeking out about a woman back in charge of DC. And noting that someone at Time Warner corporate or DC had bookmarked her post shortly after she put it up…

Marvel artist Dave Gutierrez has been playing with thrash metal band Social Decay as part of a promotion for car donation charity Kars4Kids. He’s the one in the shades…

And finally, you know all those literal lyric videos on YouTube just are just darn hilarious? Well, sorry but I got carried away this morning with Queen – I Want To Break Free.

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