The Mile High Meth Lab - Converting Drugs Into Comics

The Mile High Meth Lab – Converting Drugs Into Comics

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"All right! Who's got my meth??"
"All right! Who's got my meth??"

During the boom period of comics in the nineties, I was told a tall story about one comics publisher who used to take their company’s “premium” editions of their comics, gold, platinum covers, that sort of thing, to his local drugs dealer who would exchange them for certain substances. Apparently it was easier for the dealer to shift said comics at a premium than it was high grade skunk.

Drugs and comics have a long and proud history, from the comix scene and their sale in head shops, with titles such as Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers prospering, to Grant Morrison’s use of drugs specifically to create certain storylines in titles such as The Invisibles.

Well, now we have a new and proud chapter to add.

Colarado authorities announce they’ve seized over half a million dollars worth of comic books on arresting brothers Aaron and Alfonzo Castro, part of an immense meth ring and crime syndicate bust. Comics seized include valuable Superman and Batman titles in many long boxes, priced at up to $3500 each, as part of a planned startup company to sell collectible comics.

The ring is reported to have been distributing up to a hundred thousand doses of meth every month in the Denver area, collecting half a million dollars. It’s worth remembering that these figures and values are often exaggerated for the media.

Denver, Colorado is home to the world famous Mile High Comics which makes for a good headline, but they’re probably pleased that a potential drugs-funded competitor didn’t get off the starting block…

The Castros are being held on a million dollar bail and the full indictment can be read here.

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