*ank Girl – How The Babe With A Bat Got Her Potty Mouth Back

swearTank Girl has been up against mutants, zombies, kangaroos and Macolm McDowell. But she’s never faced the language police before. Well, looks like she kicked them in the crotch and called them pansies.

Tank Girl: Skidmarks was a story that ran in Judge Dredd Megazine last year but many people missed her characteristically vulgar verbosity. Writer and co-creator of Tank Girl, Alan Martin agreed and has rewritten her dialogue throughout to add a little fruity topping to her pithy retorts for a new version of the story.

The sweary mary version of Tank Girl: Skidmarks will be published as a four issue mini-series starting in November from Titan Books. Previously in black and white and bluetone, the series is now in full colour thanks to artist Rufus Dayglo’s efforts.

Something I expect Tank Girl is really fucking grateful for.

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