Review: Filthy Rich By Brian Azzarello And Victor Santos For Vertigo Crime

Review: Filthy Rich By Brian Azzarello And Victor Santos For Vertigo Crime

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Filthy Rich scores so far in the Vertigo Crime imprint by lieu of actually have a crime in it. Several in fact. And the use of Junk, an injured college sports star trying to find a place for himself in a world that doesn’t need him, is wonderful in so many ways. It portrays an instant character undercurrent of bitterness and suppressed anger, while also giving the perspective of a dangerous world in sporting terms. It’s all just a game with many players. Perfect.

A man stuck in a job he hates it hired to protect the owner’s daughter. Which would be fine if everyone involved weren’t idiots.

This is very much your pulp crime fiction graphic novel, with hard flawed angular not very intelligent male protagonists trying to get by, soft, curved manipulative women who take everything they can regardless of the human cost, plenty of acts of sex, death, and extreme violence, lit by shafts of light bursting through blinds, splitting locations up into harsh black and white contours. It fulfills so many tropes, overboard in fact, but that kind of makes up for the crimeless Dark Entries, also out last week.

Anyone expecting a “crime” comic could not be disappointed with this. And it’s a decent story in its own right, the stranger in high society, the rebellious daughter insistent on her own identity, the.. well, the inability to sell cars. I really like Filthy Rich, it’s full, dense, meaty. It’s a massive hamburger with extra burger. I wouldn;t want one every day but damn, it goes down well with a pint of beer.

Filthy Rich is published by DC Comics and Titan Books, last week in the USA, in October in the UK.

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