One More Chance To Get Those Black Lantern Rings…

ringDC are putting out a second print of Blackest Night #1, the first issue of their smash hit event comic. As well as sporting an altered version of the variant cover of the first print, by Ethan Van Sciver, there will be a 1 in 25 availablility of the first print variant coverĀ  and a 1 in 250 availability for the first print Sketch Variant cover edition with a cover by Ivan Reis.

But who care about covers? It’s all about rings! And since the multicolour ring promotion was announced, there has been a new demand for the Black Lantern plastic rings that started off the commotion.

So for every fifty copies of the second print of Blackest Night #1 ordered, retailers can order another fifty Black Lantern rings.

So if you still want one, and you retailer is the kind of chap or chapess happy to order fifty second prints, you may be in luck.

And if you’ve got a spare, send me one…

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