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Last night’s Twitter War seems to have exploded all over the place. I’m still suffering from shellshock I think. And now Garth Ennis writes for Bleeding Cool, a fact that is also burning through Twitter. I’m just hearing “twitboom, twitboom, twitboom.”

I left advertising for the comics industry (booted out to be frank) – but now it seems that advertsing is stalking me – graphic novels are now seen as advertising solutions over the thirty second TV ad.

The Coventry Telegraph pushes the idea of a McTigue/Wachowski Superman movie without any of the traditional Superman elements, in light of current court cases.

Hollywood Reporter lets us know that Ryan Condal will be writing a new draft of Greg Rucka’s Queen & Country from Oni. Condal is also writing the Warren Ellis/Chris Sprouse adaptation Ocean as well as Galahad and Hercules: The Thyrician Wars.

The Orlando Examiner asks, is manga for kids and comes to the sensible conclusion that some of it is, yes.

Oh and for those of you who enjoy British politics and cricket, here’s my cartoon for Guido Fawkes today.

And a final shout out to Amazing Spider-Man #603 which comes up with a novel twist to the recap page. The Chameleon reading Peter Parker’s diary. Like it.


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