Swipe File: It's In The Cards

Swipe File: It’s In The Cards

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sketch mikeSketch cards are placed in trading card boxes, as rare collectibles, small pieces of original art that often can become very collectable.

Such as this card on the left, by Brian Kong of baseball player Albert Pujols, selling on eBay.

So in that case, what’s this second original sketch card on the right also on eBay? Another sketch card featuring Albert Pujols, this time by “Mike”. And looking rather familiar.

Something BC Kong has taken quite an exception to. In emails the seller stated that he’d been in touch with Kong who had okeyed the card. Which appears to be being economical with the actualité. The seller explains;

The sketch cards I sell have my own 3d drop shadow style that I created and add to every sketch card I work on. I guess you can say I have my own sketch card style just like everyone else that is selling sketch cards on ebay.

Which is, shall we say, a bit of a cheek. But nothing compared to his next addition to his listing;

Brian Kong has contacted me several times this week and we discussed my chances of becoming a sketch card artist. My award winning sketch card artwork is a hit on Ebay! Good luck bidding!

I understand the seller has been reported repeatedly to eBay…

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