Stan Lee Talks Spider-Man: One More Day

Stan Lee Talks Spider-Man: One More Day

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"I can take you all on. All on!"
"I can take all of you on. All of you!"

Stan Lee talked to Colin Paterson on BBC Radio 5 Live last night on Richard Bacon’s show, promoting his POW multi-media company and Time Jumper, talking about playing Larry King in Iron Man 2, lauding Alan Moore as the best writer in comics, with kudos to Neil Gaiman and Brian Bendis along the way, the success (or lack of) of the Marvel movies, a poor Doctor Doom and a wonderful Joker on screen, the mystery of Steve Ditko and… naturally there was the question many Spider-Man readers have, Stan Lee’s views on the One More Day situation, wherein Peter Parker conducted a deal with the devil, sacrificing his marriage to Mary Jane in return for the life of the woman who brought him up, Aunt May.

Well, I think it was good in the sense that it made a lot of people sit up and take notice and it generated a lot more interest in Spider-Man. But I must admit I agree with you, it wasn’t typical of the Spider-Man we have known and I think they’ll either going to get back to the normal Spider-Man and Mary Jane relationship or they’ve maybe already done it… they will, sooner or later they will, I’m sure of it.

On the unmasking of Spider-Man…

I didn’t know he’d unmasked himself, this is the first I’ve heard of it.

Oh and, in a Geordie accent in tribute to his wife’s hometown..

How’re ye getting on, ye bugger!

Has to be heard to be believed. I might turn that into a mobile phone ringtone.

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