Thursday Talent, Teenagers, Theatre And… Things

"Hey! Teenagers! Come here! I won't bite!"

The Media Development Authority of Singapore has announced eight graphic novels by local talent, funded by the First Time Writers and Illustrators Publishing Initiative and published through Chuang Yi Publishing. Each creator received $8000 and were mentored by Chuang Yi. Damn.Everyone move to Singapore immediately!

Malorie Blackman lists her Top Ten Graphic Novels For Teengers in The Guardian, and as ell as usual suspects like V for Vendetta, Sin City, Maus and Watchmen, lists Chronicles of Wormwood. it’s also refreshing to see such a list filled with comics that mny comic shops wouldn’t actually sell to younger teenagers. Kudos there.

Can Christians like Spider-Man? This thorny topic is delved into in Excuse Me… This Is The Truth, a play being performed in the Edmonton Theatre Festival.

Is there no such publicity as bad publicity? The Daily Record reports on repeat sex offender Kevin Fyffe being beaten up in jail by the convicted rapist Robert Green, telling us that Fyffe’s nickname is “The Thing” as he resembles Ben  Grimm from the Fantastic Four… thanks for that, Daily Record.

Nikki Finke lets us know that as part of the pitch process for District 9, the production team make a fake graphic novel of the movie. See? You don’t even have to publish a comic to get it made as a movie…

From Ira Rubenstein, Marvel Executive Vice President- “We are not doing movie-based games anymore… Actually, wait … we are not doing crappy movie-based games anymore. You can quote me on that.” Thank you Ira, we did!

And Marjori Satrapi gives her blessing to the reworking and remixing of Persepolis covering current events in Iran.

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