Speculator Corner: Nekronomics

This is how Newsarama reported the Blackest Night panel at San Diego;

Fan asks if the character “Nekron” will be involved with Blackest Night. Looks like a no.

And CBR;

Is a villain called Necron involved in Blackest Night? Berganza: “Who’s that?” Johns: “I can’t talk about that.”

At least Newsarama spelt his name right.

Whose shadow could that be?
Whose shadow could that be?

So yes, Nekron! The Big Bad of Blackest Night! A death demon ruling over purgatory who wants to take down the land of the living! Although, if you’re just reading the comics, you won’t have got to that bit yet. Anyway, it looks like some people are burying themselves in their back issues trying to find early appearances to whack a premium on. So, if you want to join them, what should you be looking for?

1. Tales Of The Green Lantern Corps #2 – the original Tales Of The Green Lantern Corps mini-series featured the first appearance of Nekron and sees the big bad appear in issue 2 before (spoilers!) he is defeated in the third issue. Currently selling for $30 on eBay but this is a sharp price rise from only a few days ago. I expect issues in good condition will be going for more shortly. Of course, if you want to skip some of these shennanigans, the arc was reprinted in Tales Of The Green Lantern Corps Volume 1. The second volume early next year may have more.

2. Tales Of The Green Lantern Corps #3 – okay, here is where the real bargains begin. The second appearance of Nekron and it can be had for pennies, well $8. But some copies have remained unsold at a dollar. Jump in.

3. Tales Of The Green Lantern Corps #1 – Nekron may not be in it per se, but he’s the unnamed threat that menaces the Lanterns and hey, you’ve got to have the set. This can be picked up for a couple of dollars, and indeed the whole set of three was recently sold for $15 and a decent 9.6 CGC set went for $75.  I don’t know about you but, for the market, these seem underpriced.

What's keeping those eyeballs in?

4. A long time ago, Captain Atom #42 was a hot book for featuring a non-Gaiman approved Death. Well there were a number of attributes of death that appeared in that issue, including our favourite Nekron as Death, The Ultimate Opponent. Is there a chance that this issue will get back out of the dollar boxes? I think so.

5. Equally Captain Atom #43 has a bigger Nekron appearance and a close face cover shot of the skeletal figure. This is a fifty cent comic that could easily be a five or fifteen dollar book without too much effort.

6. Days ago Green Lantern Annual #7 couldn’t even sell on eBay for ninety cents. Yet it has the first confrontation between Kyle Raynor and Nekron, seeing the demon resurrecting the entirety of the deceased Green Lantern Corps members with rings powered by death, using the title Black Lantern Corps for the first time. And an immortal dying opening up the dimensional rift. Yeah, that’s a keeper. Part of the Ghosts annual crossover storyline.

7. JLA Annual #2 concludes the Ghosts storyline. Not a Nekron appearance per se, but odds are it will tie in somehow… a couple of dollars for this one.

8. Power Company: Witchfire is a rarely mentioned book in this context, despite having a massive battle between Wonder Woman, Witchfire and Nekron. Lots of things going boom, currently for just a dollar.

9. Again, Fate #12 is a very ignored book, here Nekron fights the demon Nebiros after the explosion of the Tower Of Fate. Another dollar book.

Purple Wonder Woman? Ponder Poman!

10. Who’s Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe #16 – hey it counts. Nekron’s early life (death?) catalogued. Hey, Nekron hadn’t had that many appearances, jump on it sir. Especially at a dollar.

11. Trinity #7. Nekron appears in a flashback scene… and a nice set up for the current storyline. And going for $1.29.

12. Justice League Of America #128 – Warning! This is Nekron The Fear Parasite, not the death demon. Odds are someone will sell it as the first appearance of Nekron. Although he is an other-dimensional being too, so who knows. Remember, Geoff Johns is a continuity junkie. Odds are plotlines from all these books will be referenced in Blackest Night. And DC may not be able to trade them all…

(Thanks to Larry of Larry’s Comics for a couple of these)

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