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Apparently I’m not allowed to say anything much about this week’s Doktor Sleepless #13 as it would be spoileriffic to the max. There’s no preview for you to flick through and get annoyed after the sixth page when it just stops. You don’t get to see any of it. Even reproducing this cover is a bit dodgy apparently.

But I have read it and can say I know plenty of people have been waiting for this issue. Things happen. Answers are given. The story twists and twists again, through politics, through death, through sex and through the power of the written word. Things blow up, and so do people.

Some of you will be happy. Some of you will not. But this is as Transmetropolitany as Warren Ellis has been in quite some time. Things blow up. so do people. These are the end times.

Gravel #13 apparently I can talk about till the genetically-spliced-for-sexual-purposes cows come home.

It’s a tale about stories, true and false, and the negligible difference between. Cocaine and giants,wrestling and wrist voodoo, as Gravel doggedly pursues his homicide investigation through a world or magic and danger.

I once wrote “Neil Gaiman fans self harm because of their inner self turmoil. Warren Ellis fans do it ’cause it’s bitchin'” – there’s a scene in Gravel #13 that encapsulates this better than I could try.

Oh and there’s a great comic book scenes using covers and doors that feels unmatchable in any other medium. I love it when comics do that.

I love comics.

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