Wednesday Wossy, Glossy And Big Brother Bossy

ianrankin_icaIan Rankin in to launch the first of the new Vertigo crime graphic novels, Dark Entries, featuring Vertigo stalwart John Constantine investigating supernatural abnormalities on the set of a reality TV show. Copies will be available at the Edinburgh International Book Festival – and he’s brought new attention to it by announcing that he will be writing more Rebus novels, despite the character’s retirement two years ago.

So what’s the latest with the Jonathan Ross/Tommy Lee Edwards comic? Well, we know at least that the first issue is drawn as Ross tweets

I must finish writing issue two of my comic. Kind of glad it’s not my dayjob – it’s too hard!

I don’t know Jonathan, sounds like you’ll fit right in. Thanks to a few occasional tweets, we also know that the comic is not a superhero title and that it is set in the past, but that’s about it. It is currently scheduled for next year and Ross and Edwards are choosing between three publishers. Odds are Marvel and Image are nuts deep in there…

MArv Wolfman’s Vigilante ships its ninth issue today. Officially cancelled with issue twelve, it is still possible this could be reversed. But a lot of people would have to buy issue nine…

The Broken Trinity glossy oversized hardcover from Top Cow is getting bigger, upping from 352 pages to include the three issues of First Born as well, pushing the book well over the 400 page mark at the same price. But also being a good excuse to um, cancel disappointing orders on the solicited First Born hardcover and to up orders on Broken Trinity.

Kieron, what’s on Thor’s iPod? We must know.

Robert Kirkman, Joe Keatinge, Ryan Otterly, Cory Walker and Andy Kuhn were among those who flew out to Alberquerque for the filming of Paul, the new sci-fi movie written by and starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, directed by Greg Motolla, in a recreation of the San Diego Comic Con for the movie. Nick Frost is reportedly a big fan of Invincible and received some original art covers by Ryan and Cory with much glee.

The Detroit Free Press asks its readers to assist in some comic strip downsizing.

The Daily Express reports Scarlett Johansson as wanting some Black Widow spinoff action after Iron Man 2. Two things to point out. One, Elektra, and two, this is the Express, so who knows?

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