Tuesday Trannies, Danny’s And Towns Filled With Grannies

socialismThe LA Times outs Firas Alkhateeb, a twenty year old student,  as the man behind the Obama Joker image that went slightly viral earlier this year. Originally a Photoshopping of a Time Magazine article , it was taken by an unknown activist, the Time references removed and the “socialism” line added…

Galactic Tranny by Dan Paul Roberts (Candi Shell) gets some press in Dallas Voice, bringing his band She-Dick to comics. Apparently this singer, songwriter, painter and drag queen had to add writer and comic book artist to his repertoire.

I’m told that something big and Dan DiDio-shaped is expected from DC at the end of the year. That Blackest Night is just the beginning. And we may be looking at a crossover that makes Civil War look like an eight-page backup strip.

Do join me in enjoying the blog Evidence Of Superheroes that finds the detritus of Spider-Man…


Pádraig Ó Méalóid asks “What’s your opinion of the term ‘Graphic Novel’?” Lots of people answer from Neil Gaiman to our own Mark Seifert.

Margate, a British town recently cited as having more empty shop premises than anywhere else in the UK, has been having troubles. Howard Watson of Comics And Sci Fi World in Margate is quoted as saying in Your Thanet;

Trade here has gone down a lot since I opened in September 2006 – things were a lot different even then. Through the end of 2007 and 2008 it is when is started to tail off, but there has been a small pick-up in recent weeks. The seeds and the foundations are still here, but a way to make the most of it has to be found.

Adult Swim atar Andrew WK shares his love for MidTown Comics in New York, telling the AV Club

But in particular my favorite part of this location is the huge, huge adults-only and 18-and-up section. It’s not just for adult comic books: They have archives of Hustler magazine, of Penthouse, of Playboy, of Hustler XXX, which is this really hardcore limited edition. Then they also have very, very hard-to-find, small-press, sort of specialized fetish publications, particularly this one called Stantoons, which is a reference to Eric Stanton, a famous artist who works in the genre of female domination, where these big women dominate weak men.

Yeah, okay, let’s go with that… callingIrene Adler, calling Irene Adler to Midtown Comics…

The New Britain Herald reports on Connecticon.. looks like Dreamworks are going to actually, finally, eventually going to make Cowboys And Aliens...

Don McPherson looks at the cost of San Diego Comic Con police security and gets the sum $63,000 which he seems quite happy with. I don’t know, that only covered two arrests. I’d happily arrest someone for a lot less. Certainly, for that money, I think the police could have arrested more. Anyone with a Twilight Ruined Con sign for starters.

And after a mention on Millarworld, I asked Gino Patti about the time he pitched to Dan DiDio on an aeroplane…

We were waiting to fly back to NY from the Comicon in Charlotte North Carolina. The plane was delayed so we sat on the tarmac for over an hour. He was sitting a few seats  behind me in COACH! I had my pitch book and passed it back to him with a note saying “I know this is a shit time, but since we’re both stuck here I though I’d make an ass of myself and give you  my book concept” He looked up and I waved to him. He opened it up and put it in his bag. The flight ended up being delayed and they de-boarded the plane I never saw him again.

I say Gino, you’d better watch for whatever this December event is, and if it bears any resemblance to that pitch… sue! Sue! Sue for every penny!

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